Digestive Disorders in Pets

Digestive Disorders


Digestive disorders are a one of the most common reason for vet visits. Here is a list of some of the most commonly seen digestive orders


Gastroenteritis is inflammation of the stomach or intestines. This has multiple causes such as infections like parvovirus, diet related and cancers.

Stress Diarrhoea

Stress Diarrhoea is a response to anxiety or stress which can cause digestive issues.

Causes of this depend on what your dog finds stressful such as going to boarding kennels, change in their environment or the introduction of a new pet to the household.


This is inflammation of the large intestines. Causes of colitis include bacterial, viral or parasitic infections, eating things they shouldn’t eat such as plastics and food sensitivities.


When your dog is straining to pass faeces. Usually caused by lack of fibre in their diet or dehydration.
If you suspect your pet is suffering from a digestive disorder be sure to contact our clinic for some advice.