Siobhan's Pets

Siobhan’s Pets

Hi my name is Siobhan Garvin and I am an animal care assistant here at Arkvet Care. I own a cross-breed dog Faye and two guinea pigs Gizmo and Loki.

My Dog Faye

I adopted Faye my dog as a pup in October 2015, she is just a little over four years old. She has a few different breeds that we know of in the mix, her mom was a pug mix and her dad was a border collie, she has the pug colours with collie characteristics and her behaviour is a mix between being quite lazy to high energy, she is a lover of all furry little creatures as she lives with two guinea pigs and likes to eat all the same fruit and vegetables she sees them eating.


Siobhan and Faye


My Guinea Pigs: Gizmo & Loki

Gizmo is my tri-coloured female guinea pig, I adopted her from a pet shop over seven to eight years ago, she was very timid and did not like to be touched when I first got her, it took a bit of time for her to get used to being handled, she loves a cuddle now and her absolute favourite food is cucumber.
Loki is my male guinea pig, he is roughly around four to five years old, he is a rescue from a veterinary clinic in Claremorris, he was brought in with a head injury and was thought he may have to be put to sleep but my sister brought him home and he made a full recovery and has made the best living companion for my older guinea pig Gizmo, they live in separate cages of course!! Loki is a lover of all vegetable but cucumber would have to be his favourite too.


Siobhan's Pets.

Faye loves coming to the veterinary clinic for her vaccinations and annual health checks, she loves all the attention she gets while being checked over, both guinea pigs Gizmo and Loki are regulars at the veterinary clinic also as they come for health checks and to get their nails clipped also.