Mikaela’s Pet

Mikaela's Pets

Hi, my name is Mikaela and I am a receptionist in Foxrock.

I have a French Bulldog called Lola, who is just over 2 years old. Lola came to live with me in February this year. I hadn’t met too many French Bulldog’s until i got her and I am sure anyone who has one will agree, owning a Frenchie really is an experience 😂

Lola’s favourite thing to do is to play fetch with her yellow ball. Some days it’s very hard to get her to put it down 😂 but all the running around helps her stay at a good weight, which is important for any dog, but especially for a brachycephalic breed as it can really affect their breathing. When at home she likes nothing better than to lie on the sofa and sleep.

When coming in to Foxrock to see the vet, Lola likes to do the very loud Frenchie scream, just so everyone knows she is in the building 🙈 she really is a little character though and she makes my family and I laugh every day.


Mikaela's Pets