The Importance of Microchipping Your Cat

Cat Microchipping

Microchipping – How Does It Work?

Microchipping is a very important necessity if you own a cat, the reason for this is, a microchip is a small electronic device which has a unique identification number that consists of 15 digits that cannot be altered or lost once it is implanted under the skin of the animal. In Cats the microchip is placed subcutaneously under the skin with an implanting device specially designed to inject the microchip between their shoulder blades using a sterile needle. This device is the size of a grain of rice and can be read by a handheld scanner which will then display the cat’s unique number. This unique number is registered online with the animal’s owners’ details including the owners Name, Address, Contact numbers, and email address. The chip also contains all the animal’s details such as the animals name, address, breed, appearance details such as colour or markings and the animals date of birth.


Why Should My Cat Have This?

The main purpose of a microchip is to help find your pet if they happen to get lost or stolen. The unique microchip number, together with the animal’s details and the owners’ information are all held on a database which allows the animal to be traced back to their registered owner. Most veterinary practice’s have scanners which can read microchips if you happen to find a lost cat as some cats are little adventurers and may wander away from their homes. Local authorities may also have microchip scanners to check if any pets straying from home have a microchip, if the animal has a microchip this is a big advantage as they can be returned to their owner as quickly as possible, but every owner must ensure that all the details on the microchip are kept up to date for this to happen.


Do not risk losing your beloved pet, make sure that your cat is microchipped, and your details are up to date.