Dog Condition Score

Is Your Dog in Good Shape?

Owners often ask us to check if their pet is at a healthy weight, and unfortunately more often than not their beloved pooch is not! Overweight pets and pet obesity is unfortunately a common problem in dogs.


There are several ways we tell if a dog is at a good weight


Method 1:

Can you feel ribs? Contrary to many people’s thoughts it is normal and healthy to be able to easily feel a dogs ribs. If they are overweight it will be difficult to feel each one individually. If it is possible to see the last one or two ribs then they might be too thin. A helpful tool is to compare to your knuckles, as shown in the picture below;

Pet Body Condition Score


Method 2: 

Can you see and feel waistline? A dog’s waistline should be visible from the top and from the side, their tummy should tuck in and be less wide than their chest.


Have a look at the chart below, where is your dog? If you’re not sure, or if you think your pet might be overweight then bring your pet to us for a weight check and we can advise if they are at a healthy weight.



Dog Condition Score