A Weighty Matter!

Dog Overweight


Did you know that 1 in 3 pets are overweight in Ireland!


This can be due to a number of different reasons including overfeeding or feeding the wrong types of food (Yes, that little piece of toast does add up!), reduced exercise and genetic predispoDog Overweight sition in some breeds. In all cases, carrying an extra few pounds can result in some pretty serious health issues for your pet, such as diabetes and heart disease.  Studies have also shown that an obese pets lifespan can be even reduced by up to 2 years.


Having owned Labradors for nearly 30 years, I’m no stranger to the challenges of controlling weight in my dogs! Labradors are one of the breeds genetically predisposed to weight gain and joint issues, this coupled with an insane ability to hoover up any fallen food (inside or outside) with a speed that is seriously impressive for a 30kg dog can make keeping those pounds off pretty difficult. Luckily, having attended a number of seminars on obesity in pets, I decided to feed them on Hill’s Metabolic and Mobility food, this works with the dog’s own metabolism to reduce weight and contains omega 3 fatty acids to improve joint health.


If you are unsure about whether your pet’s weight has increased, maybe you’ve noticed they get a bit tired on walks or when playing, why not call in to one of our clinics and pop them on the scales.  We can keep a record of their weight on file and so monitor any increases.  If the weight gain has got slightly out of control, you can make a weight check appointment.  This is involves one of our nurses taking some measurements of various body parts on your pet and after inputting the data can give you a unique weight protocol for your animal!


Happy slimming!