Niamh’s Pets

Niamh's Pets Niamh's Pets

Hi, I’m Niamh one of the nurses in the Kill Lane branch. I’m the owner of two rescue dogs. My family and I rescued Poppy from a rescue centre in Wicklow almost ten years ago. She was the runt of a litter of 6 and extremely nervous. Poppy’s mother was found abandoned and heavily pregnant and had the puppy’s in the rescue centre. As Poppy had spent the first five months of her life in the shelter she was not used to normal day to day noises. When she was first brought home she was terrified of pretty much every noise and object in the house. When out walking she was afraid of other dogs and the sound of traffic in the distance. However we soon learned that when playing with her tennis ball she was oblivious to everything else around her as she was too busy concentrating on catching the ball. Now nearly ten years later everywhere she goes her tennis ball goes.

We adopted our second dog Juno a collie mix almost 5 years ago. Juno was fostered with four out of her seven siblings as the others had already been homed. Juno’s start to life was very different as she was fostered and not in a shelter she was much better socialised. She adjusted to life at our home very quickly. We were  careful with introducing Juno and Poppy, however in just a short few days they were inseparable.