Rachel’s Pets

I’m Rachael and I work in Ark Vetcare in Foxrock as a Veterinary Nurse Assistant for the last 8 years. While I love all the furries that come into Foxrock I am a big cat lover, I have 2 of my own at home and have always taken in rescues or they have found their way to my home. Both my cats are elderly. Mojo is almost 16 Years old and Mooshka is almost 13 years old, we think. She’s been around the neighbors before she landed on my window sill looking all pretty with a sooty face begging to be let in.

We later found out there was a fire in her last owners  home and they had moved away and she left to find her 5th home with us. She had left each of her previous houses  and moved to next for whatever reason, she finally stayed with us, so i must be doing something right. But she is a proper street walker and likes to annoy the other cats in the neighborhood and then run home acting like the princess that she is.


Mojo came to us from the DSPCA when he was 6 months old. He’s still like a baby to me and follows me around the house, he is a proper scaredy cat disliking hoovers, cars, dogs, kids and anyone except his house mates and the visitor who likes cats. He has good intuition and will spot a real cat lover when we have callers. He has a few health issues at the moment and has become a regular visitor to Vet Tom Ruane in recent years. When i was pregnant last year i worried he would be really put out when baby made an appearance so i let him lie on my lap right up until my son was born and although he generally hides from kids if they call to our house he would sleep beside my son on the couch once i was holding him. He’s not so keen now he’s up and walking around or trying to chase him.


Rachel's Pets


In work I take care of the cattery deciding which cat goes in which kennels depending on their personalities and how they are in the cattery. Some love to see other cats and others cannot stand other felines and can be very stressed so we need to get to know our boarders quite well so as to avoid any stress while they are on their holidays. We like to treat our guests to a good brushing if they like it, as it always depends on the what the cat wants, any cat person will know how to read the signs.