treatment of pet obesity

Treatment and Management of Pet Obesity

Treatment is focused on weight loss and maintaining the decreased weight loss long term. Reducing caloric intake and increasing your pets exercise aid in treating this disease.

At Ark Vetcare we will prepare a diet plan that you can use to reshape your pets eating regime.

We recommend diets that are rich in dietary protein and fibre and low in fat. Protein stimulate the metabolism and energy expenditure resulting in your pet feeling fuller for longer. Whereas fibre stimulate intestinal metabolism and energy use. Overall, we recommend specially designed diets which lower overall calorie density while maintaining appropriate nutrient balance.  It is important to use scientifically formulated nutritional diets to aid healthy and safe weight reduction, to avoid malnourishment. Reducing the volume of their current food is not recommended.

It is crucial that you as a pet owner are consistent with the new feeding regime, which involves correctly weighing out the desired amount of food daily, while resisting the temptation of feeding treats and snacks along the way.

Attending regular weigh ins every 2 weeks with our weight consultant nurse are highly important components in your pets weigh loss journey. Our nurse will determine the correct weight loss schedule which will suit your pet specifically and discuss different tips to help you along your pets’ journey while being able to verify any weight loss that takes place. Our weight consultant nurse will also ensure that the weight loss is not too excessive or rapid for your pet’s body type and make any adjustments to the diet protocol as needed as their weight changes overtime.

With a firm commitment to your pet’s health and weight, you can ensure that they can live their life to the best.

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