how much should i feed my puppy

How Much Should I Feed My Puppy?

This is such an import question to ask when you get a new puppy!

However, it is quite a difficult question to answer!

There are many different puppy foods on the market. Each one is different and will have different feeding guides depending on the age and breed of your puppy.

Here at Ark Vetcare we recommend Hill’s Vet Essentials to all our puppies.

We have been recommending Hills diets for more than 30 years and all our staff have been well trained in the diets and should be able to answer any questions you have.

When you ask us how much to feed your puppy, we will first weigh your puppy. Knowing the correct weight is very important.

Together with his breed we will decide which is the best food for your puppy. We stock mini (a tiny biscuit for very small breeds; usually <10kg when fully grown) medium (for dogs that will be between 10 -25kg when fully grown) and then Large Breed (for puppies that will be more than 25kg when fully grown).

We then upload all this information into a computer system which will create an individual recommendation for your puppy and calculate exactly how much to feed your puppy.

As your puppy grows the amount you need to feed him will change. We like to weigh our puppies every month so as that we can recalculate how much you need to feed your puppy so as that he grows health and strong. These reweigh appointments are free of charge. They are also a great way of getting your puppy used to the hospital is a non-pressured situation.

So, congratulations on your new puppy. Welcome to the Ark Vetcare family and please ask us how much to feed your new puppy so as that we can ensure his long-term health!

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