messi the cat xray

Messi The Cat Came Home Limping

Messi came home limping badly and with blood on his mouth. He was brought in to the vet in Dun Laoghaire and we suspected that he had either been hit by a car or had a bad fall.

He was very shocked and was admitted by Fiona for pain relief and intravenous fluids. Xrays showed that Messi had a badly fractured humerus but he also had very little sensation in the limb.

messi xray

This meant that he had sustained nerve damage also. We had to wait to see if this damage was permanent. Thankfully after a few days in the hospital there were very encouraging signs and the nerve function seemed to be returning. Messi had surgery to repair the fracture and then had to go home for 6 weeks cage rest. He then came back for follow up xrays and his fracture had healed very well. He is now back to himself, playing and full of beans.

messi cat xray fixed

The total cost of Messi’s treatment came to €1975.00 but as his owners had insured him as a kitten they only had to pay the €100 excess and the rest was covered by his policy.