An Unlikely Friendship

Nacho is a long time patient of Ark Vetcare in Foxrock, he is a long haired chihuahua who is almost 7 years old, and comes in with his owner Fiona and her son Robbie. He has been the only dog at home for a few years after the families Cocker Spaniel Pippa passed away in 2015. Nacho has never been a big fan of other dogs as is typical with most Chihuahuas. Robbie recently moved in with his girlfriend Jessie and Nacho has been going between Fiona & Robbie’s home and having the best of both worlds.

Dogs Angel’s Ireland

About a month ago Robbie and Jessie decided they were going to adopt another chihuahua and were in touch with Dog’s Angels, which are a local charity that rescue dogs of all shapes and sizes from the pound. They chose Rocco another chihuahua that is about 2.5 years old and tiny in comparison to Nacho. He was very underweight and had been abandoned in the pound.

Introducing the dogs was always going to be risky considering chihuahuas can have a dominant personality and don’t always like other dogs but as advised the owners took an item of each dog bedding and swapped it so they each had their scent before meeting up. They met up in a neutral environment so neither dog would feel threatened by the other on their home turf. Little Rocco has a great big personality just like Nacho and both dogs got on great. They have become the very best of friends.

We hope this friendship lasts many years and we are delighted they have found each other.