dog in car

Toby the Dog Jumps Out Car Window!

Toby was on his way home from the groomers last week. It was one of those really warm days. Toby’s owner has his other dog in the car with him who is a big Malamute! Due to the fact that it was so warm with 2 dogs in the car the windows were down. To Dwayne’s horror Toby jumped out of the window. As he hit the ground he spun over on his head. Thankfully there was no oncoming traffic and Toby was not hit by another car. Dwayne rushed Toby into see our vet Ciara in Foxrock. Toby had a superficial wound on his chin that looked worse than it really was. Toby was a bit shocked – not as much as Dwayne who got a terrible fright. On examination Toby was very stunned and seemed to have some back pain. Ciara administered 2 painkilling injections and sent him home for lots of TLC. Dwayne and Toby returned the following day a lot less stress. Jim examined Toby, and found his pain to be managed very well and sent him on his way.

Car Travel Dangers and Dogs

Dwayne was willing for us to tell Toby’s story as a warning to all dog owners to ensure the car window is only down a bit so as that no other dogs can actually jump out. This is one of the most dramatic cases we have seen. Dogs who stick their heads out the window quite often present with quite nasty conjunctivitis due to pieces of grit and all the air pressure. We advise our dog owners to be very conscious of this when their dogs are in the car during this hot weather!

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