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Dogs Get Sick in the Contaminated Sea Water Too

As many of you will be aware there have been several incidents where sewage has leaked into the local seawater recently and the beeches have been closed to swimming. At the time we advised our clients not to let their pets swim on our social media but unfortunately for many it was too late.

We have seen a significant number of cases, primarily at our Dun Laoghaire hospital of sick dogs.

contaminated water

Poor Skye Was Unlucky

Skye, one of our gorgeous patients was one such dog who was quite badly affected by the contaminated sea water.

Skye is a crossbred medium size little girl who was presented to our vet Paul in Dun Laoghaire having been off form for a couple of days.

When she saw Paul, she had no interest in food and wasn’t drinking an awful lot. She had blood in her lower bowel which was extremely worrying for her owner Alan.

Paul admitted Skye into the hospital for supportive treatment and investigation of her symptoms.

Firstly, she needed a blood test to check her internal organs and assess how dehydrated she was.

She was placed on an intravenous drip and given intravenous antibiotics and other supportive drugs.

Paul scanned her abdomen to ensure there was no blockage or serve damage to her gastrointestinal tract.

After 24 hours in hospital on intravenous antibiotics and being cared for by our team of veterinary nurses and under Paul’s watchful eye Skye was ready to return home. She went home on antibiotics and a special food to get her poor little insides working normally again.

It is a measure of the seriousness of the infection that after 36 hours at home Skye had to come back in for more intravenous treatment. She went home this afternoon and let’s hope she will get back to herself quickly.

A Watchful Eye on the Water

Our patients can be so vulnerable to dirty water. Hopefully there will be no further closures of our wonderful beeches for the rest of the summer but please don’t let your dogs swim if its not safe for us to swim and remember dogs investigate things with their nose and mouths. Even after the water has been reported clean the seaweed is likely to harbour bugs that would cause intestinal upset.

If you are worried that your dog hasn’t been themselves after going swimming don’t hesitate to contact our team for assistance.