cat hospital dun laoghaire

Update on The New Veterinary Hospital at Ark Vetcare Dun Laoghaire

First hospital in 1980s

Ark Vet back in the 80s!

The painters and sign writers were in this week putting the finishing touches to the outside of the Hospital at Ark Vetcare Dun Laoghaire. We have preserved the traditional look of the building as it is one of the longest established Small Animal Veterinary Hospitals in South Dublin. We have a picture of the clinic in the snow in the early 1980’s (above) and it is a reminder of the journey we have come on and the great efforts of the team we are very proud of. Inside the signage has been completed to direct clients to the appropriate areas within the hospital depending on whether they have dog or cat patients for us!

cat hospital dun laoghaire dublin
new cat hospital dublin

Upstairs in our Dedicated Cat Hospital the Cat kennels have been finished. They are built to IFSM gold standard – We also took delivery of our feline dentistry equipment this week. The Cat Hospital should be open in the next 10 days – purrfect!

Cat Hospital

The Cat Hospital

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