Does My Pet Have A Tapeworm?

As a pet owner, you’ve likely heard about tapeworms. They are tiny parasites that live in an animal’s gut. Normally they don’t cause serious issues, but they are easy to prevent and treat.

There are different kinds of tapeworms, but the most common one is caused by swallowing a tiny infected flea. Fleas can carry the immature form of tapeworm. If your pet swallows it likely to be while grooming themselves an adult tapeworm can grow inside your animals intestines.

Tapeworms are flat, white worms that are composed of segments. Each part is looks like a grain of rice. Tapeworms attach themselves to the walls of the gut and start to feed and grow.

Signs My Pet Has A Tapeworm

You may see these grain like segments in your pets faeces, near their bum or on their bedding. Once the segments dry out they’re hard, yellow specks that can stick to the fur around your dog’s bottom.

You may notice your pet scooting across the ground on their bums or licking excessively at the area. If your dog or cat have a heavy tapeworm infection, they may lose weight, even though they are eating normally.

Confirm Tapeworm in Your Pet

At Ark Vet we will confirm the diagnosis after:

  1. Seeing the segments or
  2. Seeing the eggs in your pets’ poo under a microscope.

There are several safe prescription drugs that treat tapeworms. One of the vets will choose the right one for your pet. However, prevention is always better than cure so the best thing to do is monthly spot on treatments with Advocate for flea control as well as regular worming with drontal tablets.

Also always remember to clean up after your pet, especially in your yard and in parks.

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