pet insurance frodo casey

Frodo Casey…..My Pet Insurance Story

Welcome to my wee world, and how the choices that my owner made has helped me to cope with old age.

Remember that in doggy years being 18 is in your world- about 90 years old.

I have had a good and happy life; Maria and all the gang treat me in the style that I deserve.

They walk, feed and cuddle me. Sometimes they buy me things, like a new toy or bed.

Bandanas were all the rage a few years back.  Colourful leads and collars have come and gone over the years.

But the best gift they bought was giving me Pet Insurance with Allianz

Maria, has always tried to prevent me getting any illnesses, by making sure I have my yearly check up and vaccination…..I do not rush to get out of bed those days, but Maria says she does not like going to the dentist , so I can be brave for her.

But the last few years have been different, I feel slower, my bed is my haven.

Found it difficult chasing balls and going for long walks, into Ark Vetcare Foxrock I had to go, and through blood tests and an ECG they discovered that the heart was a wee bit weary. In human terms Congestive heart failure. My medication has helped to give me more energy, and I feel better.

Then last month I hurt myself going up a step and damaged my hind leg.

Back to Ark Vetcare in Foxrock…Tom must surely be sick of me, to discover that I needed surgery to repair my Cruciate.

I could have cried, its hard being brave when you are an old wee dog.

But I am insured. Maria and all the family said go ahead, and Tom repaired my leg. It took a while to recover. I feel so lucky with the family whose life I share, and all the good choices they made for me over the years.

I know Maria has said many times “ I would hate a health decision to have to be made for FRODO because of financial reasons”

I am insured and I am lucky