Why does my cat drink from the tap

Why Does My Cat Drink from the Tap??

Why does my cat drink from the tap? A question every cat owner has asked themselves on more than one occasion!!

Often cats are perceived to be finnicky about where they drink but rather than being fussy or divas it could be that we’re getting everything wrong. They instinctively prefer fresh water. Many
prefer running water or even puddles outside.

Cats don’t like their food and water to be close to one another. In the wild, a cat would consider water close to a kill to be contaminated and would avoid it. Also a water bowl too close to their food source often can become tainted with the scent of the food rendering it unappealing. Water that had been sat in a bowl all day may have a film of dust and debris. Some of that debris may be from their own paw! Some cats will stick their paw in to test the depth of the water before drinking therefore contaminating their own supply. Ideally you should fill your cats water bowl to the same level every day so they know where the surface is and where to expect it without

The bowl itself can be problematic. Some plastic bowls can taint the water with a plastic flavour. Metal, porcelain and ceramic bowls are usually more appropitate. Cats prefer feeding and water dishes to be shallow and wide. They don’t like their whiskers to be touching off the sides while they eat or drink. It’s important to ensure that your cat has constant access to fresh water all day, both indoors and outdoors.

Equally important to be sure that you are providing it in the right manner to meet the cats needs. You may have to trial a few different bowl types and sizes and if you have a multi cat household ideally you should multiple bowls of water around the house.

If you have any questions or worries about your cats behaviour or health please don’t hesitate to book and appointment.