feline zen

Feline Zen – Chilled out Cats

Cats chilling out at home or in familiar places are the perfect picture of relaxation and purrfection.

Cats at the vets or travelling to the vets are rarely feeling chilled out. Between all the staff in Dun Laoghaire we are proud servants of 18 cats and are aware of the potential stress level involved in bringing your cats to the clinic. Both for you and your pet. We know statistically and through experience that dogs are often much easier to bring to the vets and are often very happy to be there therefore they often receive more frequent health checks and regular vaccinations. These visits give us the opportunity to do a full physical check up, body condition and weight check and chat to owners about any changes they may have noticed or recommendations we can make as they transition through different life stages. It’s not uncommon for us to pick up on something an owner may have no knowledge exists, heart murmurs for example or painful joints or dental issues. Cats are notoriously good at hiding any pain issues they have and carry on until they reach a point where they can’t any longer.

Unfortunately this could mean by the time they are brought to us for a check up they may have been very uncomfortable for a prolonged period of time. Quiet doesn’t always mean they’re ok. As passionate cat owners we are happy to have the opportunity to provide a new cat orientated experience for our feline patients. Our purpose designed renovations will allow us to make your cats visit to us as stress free as possible. On arrival you will be directed by the reception team to a new cat only waiting area. No dogs allowed. We have a purpose built shelving unit for you to place your cat carrier I to so your cat can’t see any other cats that may be in the waiting room. Our new cat only consulting room is directly accessible from the waiting room, again eliminating any meeting with dogs. When you are collecting medications etc from reception, we suggest you once again place your cat carrier in the designated shelving unit while you conclude your visit and your cat is up high where they prefer to be and not coming into contact with any arriving or departing dogs. We love dogs too, we just know that your cat doesn’t love their faces sniffing their cat carrier.

Cat Hospital

Upstairs we have built a beautiful light and spacious cat specific hospital. Everything is designed with cats in mind. From the lighting, heating and extra large cat kennels to top of the range anesthetic and dental equipment to meet their medical and surgical requirements. This area is quiet and calm and strictly cat only. We are very excited and proud to have this extended service to add to our busy hospital and look forward to looking after your cats from kittens to grand old timers.