Meet Charlie a fun-loving boxer cross.

Charlie was diagnosed with cruciate ligament disease late 2018.

He had been out for a run, having escaped through the front door, and come back holding up one of his back legs. Lynda, his owner, left him for the day to see if it would settle down. The next day he was still holding up the leg, so off the family went to the Ark VetCare in Kilmacud.

He was admitted for an x-ray.


Kevin and Louise confirmed that his cruciate ligament (the main ligament in the knee) had ruptured and he would need surgery to repair it. As anyone else would be, Lynda was very worried about Charlie going under anaesthetic being a 6-year-old dog. Kevin and Louise recommended doing a blood test before the surgery to check that he would be OK to have another anaesthetic.

Another thing Lynda was worried about was the cost.  Lynda has a young family and a mortgage like most young families so money is tight. The type of surgery Charlie needed is very specialised and requires a great deal of after-care, so of course it would be quite expensive. Louise suggested putting through a Pre-Authorisation claim with Lynda’s Pet Insurance company, Allianz, to make sure the surgery would be covered.  As expected, it was, and the family were able to go ahead with the surgery without having the worry about the financial impact. Just as well because just as he had fully recovered from the operation, he got out again and managed to rupture his other cruciate!!

Charlie is now fully recovered from his surgeries and back to his bouncy self. Lynda told us “I am so delighted I had pet Insurance and was able to give Charlie the best veterinary care.”

To repair each knee the surgery and aftercare costs were in the region of €2000.

All the staff in Ark VetCare recommend Pet Insurance. Everyone must be practical when it comes to money. We know that and understand that. We will always offer the best care available to your pet. If you pet is insured the only conversation, we need to have is “what is the best care for your pet” rather than “what is your budget”.

There are several insurance companies in the market. Charlie was insured with Allianz Pet Insurance