Ark Vetcare supporting a Greener Planet

We cannot declare our undying love for this planet we share, and then turn up at a supermarket and take home 6 bottles of water in 1 litre PLASTIC BOTTLES.

So for the last 2 years, here in Ark Vetcare we have recycled all cardboard, paper, plastic and tins.

We now dispense over 75% of our medication by paper.

Although we are making improvements we need to work harder at this.

Dog in Rubbish

We have changed our PUPPY and KITTEN PACKS to all PAPER- thank you MSD for your support.

ARK VETCARE are now trying to change our emphasis on not just recycling but no plastic being used in any of our 3 Hospitals.

Our staff are mad animal lovers both Great and Small. We would like to think that we can help to redirect the way we work.  By making these small changes we are slowly moving to a more considerate way of treating this amazing world that we share.david att