baby hedgehog pregnant

Emergency Hedgehog Labour at Arkvet Ends Well!

An amazing thing happened here at Ark Vetcare on Wednesday evening the 5th of June 2019. We had passer by notice a small hedgehog circling in the middle of a busy road. The individual decided to pick up the hedgehog and bring this hedgehog into our clinic here in Foxrock.

It was mentioned to our vet team that it may have been blind by the passer by. The vet on duty examined the hedgehog and checked the eyes and treated her as necessary. We held her here under observation in the clinic and provided her with a comfortable bed and some food.

pregnant hedgehog hoglets babies

Cute Babies on the Way

We contacted the Kildare nimal rescue center in hopes that she could be rehabilitated and released into the wild once she had recovered. Until… the nurse on duty was doing her rounds and checking all the in patients when she had noticed the hedgehog behaving oddly. The vet examined her again and was pleasantly surprised when we picked her up out of the bed she was in Labour as there was a little Hoglet underneath her.

As she didn’t show any signs of struggling the nurse just observed her and made sure she was showing no signs of distress. The Hedgehog had four little hoglets altogether and she is great mother to them all and took care of her babies and fed them. It was certainly a beautiful sight and such a lovely thing to have happen her in our clinic.

The hedgehog and her Hoglets are being brought to the rescue center as soon as possible and they will be cared for and treated there until they are strong enough to be released back into the wild.

Well done to the passerby for such quick thinking and all the best to Momma Hedgehog and the Hoglets!!!