A Week in the Life of a Veterinary Hospital is as Varied as the Irish Weather

It is filled with booked appointments, and planned discharges. At Ark Vet we focus in the main on Preventative Healthcare for all pets. So, a good bit of the week is focusing on, and providing Vaccinations and Anti-Parasitic medicines.

We have training days, last week we focused on the care of elderly Cats and Dogs.

Any day in Ark Vetcare a schedule can be interrupted by an emergency for example… An RTA. Road Traffic Accidents are more common than you think especially for the Feline population, who tend to be most vulnerable while out hunting, or in a new area. We have found over the years that our clients are most understanding when we have to deal with an injured pet.

veterinary hospital week in the life foreign body

Eating a foreign body is another very common reason in changing the way a day is run, last week we had two dogs, one who ate a child’s toy, another other ate a peach stone, all required immediate care.

Last week alone we had 4 incidents of eating hidden left over Easter chocolate, again requiring the vets to change their working plans.

Senior pets with heart issues will always be treated as an emergency.

As you can see the Vets and Nurse’s day and week is varied, rewarding and very stimulating.

Bookings at the Vet Hospital

All of this is facilitated by the front of house staff, the receptionists who collate and monitor all calls and bookings. They prepare the hospital for its day to day schedule. More and more of the day to day running is computerised, appointments and medicines can be booked online, so our staff have to be up to date with the latest technologies.

A week is filled with appointments, operations both routine and emergency. There is lots of satisfaction in our work here in Ark Vetcare. However, last

veterinary hospital week in the dog

week alone 9 of our beloved pets died. This is devasting for their owners, but for us too it leaves a mark. We have shared their lives from puppies and kittens for the main part. But we welcome and treat all creatures both great and small.

We share beginnings and ends, we have many happy days with our clients as they start the long journey of sharing their life with their pet. Our aim at Ark Vetcare is to make it a happy and fulfilling one, so that is why we focus on preventative medicine and providing a happy environment for all pets while under our care.