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Did You Know You Can Order Your Repeat Pet Prescriptions 24 Hours a Day?

Traditionally people have called to the practice or phoned in their pets medication renewal request.

However, sometimes due to the demand on the customer care team at the front of house you could be left waiting during busy periods.

When you arrive at reception our customer care team manager must do the following:

  • Check the patients record
  • Check the drugs can be collected
  • Check the patients review date
  • Enter the drugs into our computer system
  • Print off the appropriate labels
  • Go to the pharmacy
  • Count out all the drugs (sometimes this can be 100s!!!!!)
  • Get another member of staff to check the prescriptions

Occasionally we do not have the required drugs in stock and we understand how frustrating this can be for people when you have made the effort to come to the clinic.

Everyone’s time is precious, and we want to make your ordering and collection process as simple as possible.

We recently undertook a quality and safety initiative in repeat prescribing as part of our ongoing commitment to excellence in patient care.

One of their principle recommendations was to ensure the correct dosages were being administered and that our patients were being checked at appropriate time. Therefore, we now require the vet responsible for your pet’s case to review the medicines before they are dispensed. (This is the same process in a pharmacy. The technician will prepare the drugs and the pharmacist will check everything and then dispense them).  If you arrive to collect your pet’s prescription without having ordered them in advance our vets could be dealing with an emergency or in theatre so the wait could be quite long.

Therefore, considering this review and valuing your time, we want to let you know the most efficient way of ordering your pets drugs…..

What are Repeat Pet Prescriptions?

They are prescriptions for your pet’s regular medications that you can get without having to see your vet. It means that you do not have to see your vet every time you need your pet’s medicines. If you administer the medications regularly ordering this way can save you and your vet time.

How Do I Order My Repeat Pet Prescription?

Please allow 48 hours / 2 working days before collection.

When you next require a repeat prescription, you can order the prescription in 3 ways.

  1. Through the Order Medication link at the top of our website
  2. Email your request to your branch

Include your name, address, your pet’s name, medication required, dose and number of times per day you administer the medication.

  1. Phone through your request

Dun Laoghaire:   01 280 2041

Foxrock:                01 289 5335

Kilmacud:             01 278 0480

What If I Need My Pets Medication Urgently?

If you have run out of your pet’s medication and have been told that you should not stop the medication without consulting a vet, a prescription can be issued urgently. However, this will depend on a vet being available to check the prescription. Therefore, please be patient with our staff as you may have to sit tight.

Also, if your review date is overdue but you are unable to see the vet before you run out, then you may request a repeat prescription, provided you make an appointment to see your vet within 2 weeks of the request. Please keep these urgent requests to a minimum!