cat hospital dun laoghaire

An Update on the Renovation of Arkvet, Dun laoghaire. Open As Usual

We are now 1 month into our renovation project and things are going well. We are very grateful to our clients for the patience with the temporarily changed layout of the hospital. We decided to give you an insight into what goes into making a “dedicated and accredited cat specialist hospital” and no better way to do this then get the builders insight.Our builder is local man Mark Woods and as a client is familiar with the building and the demands on space.

Mark Woods, Builder

“We are 1 month into the project and after clearing the space we are now dry lining the new cat hospital and subdividing the first floor space “.” I am amazed at the level of detail required”. “As a client myself I get to see as far as the consulting room door but working with Arkvet has opened my eyes to the array of rooms and facilities behind the scenes”. “The spec of the new feline hospital is very high and the level of detail involved is amazing. I am constructing a feline prep room ,special cattery space ,a sterile feline surgery and a feline dental suite all on the first floor””This mirrors what Ark already have downstairs but once finished upstairs will be cat only and downstairs will be dog only”. I am building a dedicated feline consulting room and waiting room only for cats downstairs. There are sight and sound barriers to be installed so the journey is as stress free for cats as possible.Upstairs there are specific requirements for the kennel size for the cats ,dedicated food prep and wash up areas and this has to be separate from sinks used for other purposes which is separate again from the surgeons sinks. The lighting in the cattery has to be slightly dimmed to create a relaxing environment and the cattery area is temperature controlled” .” Veterinary medicine is moving with the times and as a pet owner it is really interesting to be involved with a project like this.”


We will keep you posted on the renovation and take some more pics in a few weeks.