Puppy Proofing Your House

Planning on getting a new puppy?

Curious by nature, puppies are very mischievous and nosy! Make sure you puppy proof your home to keep you and your new furry friend safe.

Here are some top tips for puppy proofing your home:

Keep a lid on it:

Ensure your rubbish bin has a strong and secure lid to keep your puppy at bay. If left to their own devices, puppies could eat something toxic, swallow something obstructive or create a very large mess.

Here’s 5 common things found around the house that can make your new puppy very sick.

Create a safe space:

Whether it is on the couch or in a crate, your pup needs a safe spot for some personal space to which they can retreat to or be contained within, when you’re not around.

Hide your poisons:

Everyday household items such as bleach, cleaners, washing detergent and glue are highly toxic to dogs. Please note, especially during winter months, that products containing anti-freeze are a particular risk.

Reducing the shock:

Tidy away as many electrical cords, chargers and power cords as possible. Chewing on such items can cause mouth burns or accidental shock.

If you are considering a new puppy we’d advise you contact the Irish Kennel Club to find a reputable breeder or consider adopting from an establishment such as Dogs Trust or the ISPCA. There’s a lot of people pretending to be reputable breeders but are actually fronts for puppy farms so we need to be vigilant. In a recent article we highlighted some ways to help you spot a puppy farm pup.

Once you have your new little friend bring him a long to one of our clinics for a free check-up and then drop by a puppy party for some fun!