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Meet our Blood Donor Dogs

Why is blood needed?

Accidents, surgery and immune-mediated disease are some of the more common reasons that dogs need lifesaving blood transfusions. And, just like people, dogs have different blood types. Giving a matched blood transfusion minimises the risk of an adverse reaction.

We want to introduce you to some of the dogs that donate blood and save lives….

Meet our blood donor dogs

 Meet our Blood Donor Dogs


Amber’s mom in our veterinary nurse Heather from our Kilmacud clinic. Amber is a boisterous chocolate Labrador who selflessly gives blood knowing her mom will spoil her after donation with lots of TLCs and some well-earned treats.


Elmo is a two-year-old rescue lurcher and belongs to Emma from our Kilmacud clinic. Elmo is our most recent donor. He is a fantastic donor dog and receives lots of love and attention when he gets home from donating from his feline sister Luna and canine sister Maisy.


Charlie is one of our longest serving blood donors. You might recognise Charlie’s mom Lynda, our office manager, as the friendly face you usually meet at our Kilmacud reception desk.

A grateful recipient’s tale

Ozzy came to see our vet Louise in our Kilmacud clinic in a very bad way. His owner had noticed he was not himself, quite weak and refusing to eat. After much investigation Louise diagnosed that Ozzy had ingested rat poison.

Rat poison can have a devasting effect if ingested by our pets. It contains an anti-coagulant which can cause our pets to lose a lot of their blood in a short space of time. Luckily, thanks to our blood donors, a transfusion was performed which saved Ozzy’s life. Ozzy will be forever grateful to our resident blood donors.