coypu rodent dublin ireland

Heard the New About the Giant Coypu Rodent Spotted in Dublin?

Ark VetCare are urging dog owners to be careful and to protect your dogs.

The Coypu rodent has apparently  been spotted in Dublin’s Royal Canal and is known to be “quite vicious”, an expert has warned.

Colette O’Flynn, invasive species officer with National Biodiversity Ireland, has urged anyone who thinks they spot the dog-sized rodent to not approach it.

Firstly, it would appear that this rodent, which could be the size of a small to medium dog, has quite large teeth and could attack your dog.
Bite wounds inflicted upon your dog can be quite serious and will require urgent veterinary intervention. In many cases these sorts of bite wounds get infected very quickly and can cause serious pain to your pet dog.
Ark Vet Care would advise you to keep your dog on a short lead when walking near water where this rodent could live.

Secondly, we know that rodents can carry serious infectious diseases primarily one called Leptospirosis. This can affect not only dogs but humans as well. In humans the disease is know as Weil’s Disease.
We can vaccinate your dog against Leptospirosis to ensure he/she has immunity to fight the disease if they come in contact with this deadly disease. Please check your vaccination records and if it is more than 13 months since your dog has had a vaccination contact one of our clinics to make an appointment or book your appointment online now.

Ark VetCare would always urge clients to be careful letting their dogs swim in canals. Canals can be quite deep, and dogs may tire and struggle to get out. Also, quite often your dog can receive an injury from rubbish such as a shopping trolley which may have been dumped.

Have fun with your dog but stay safe!