esme dna testing

DNA Testing For Esme a Gorgeous Dublin Dog

Meet Esme , 8 Months old.  She was adopted by the O’Connell family last year. Susanna decided to send off for a test kit for DNA testing. In Susanna’s own words “to understand Esme better once she knew the breed structure.” The company she used is called Embark, who check the DNA and test for 166 Genetic conditions.

dog dna testing esme

This involved a simple swab taken and sent by post. All details from

HAPPY NEWS ESME did NOT test positive for any genetic diseases.

It was noted that she was a carrier for certain conditions, but would be unlikely to develop the relevant illness/disease.

For example, SLC2A99(EXON5)..Hyperuricosuria and Hyperuricemia or Urolithiasis, this condition causes kidney and bladder stones.  While unlikely to exhibit signs of the illness as a carrier, he/she will pass on the mutation to the next generation.

It will be interesting to see Esme here in the practice to see how she develops over the coming years. May we wish her a long and happy life in such a wonderful home.