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Rasco Doing Well After PRP Therapy

PRP – “platelet rich plasma” is a regenerative therapy for arthritis, post orthopedic surgery and for soft tissue injuries. PRP therapy can be compared to stem cell therapy where vets inject a high concentration of the patients own healing factors into the area of injury or arthritic joints. This stimulates healing and regeneration and greatly the reduces in the pain and inflammation associated with arthritis for the patient. It can also reduce the patients dependency on anti inflammatory type medication.

“Rasco is our 3 1/2 year old cherished Cockapoo. Unfortunately Rasco was born with under-developed hips and we were told that he would probably need surgery at some point. In the meantime we managed his condition with anti-inflammatory medication over the last 2 years or so and we made sure we never over walked him. He also then developed Arthritis in one of his knees. A recent blood test showed that he needed to come off his medication and Paul in Ark Vetcare recommended Platelet Enhancement Therapy for Rasco, We liked the idea that it was using the natural healing of Rasco’s own platelets and it would give him relief from the constant medication. Rasco had the treatment over 6 weeks ago in both hips and knees and after a day or two recovery we noticed a big difference in his movement. He definitely has a new bounce in his step and now jumps with ease whereas before he would go to move but not quite make it up. He also has a swagger back now when out walking and seems to be maintaining this ease of movement as the weeks go by. We are absolutely delighted with the results of the treatment, and would definitely recommend it. A huge thanks to Paul and all the team for looking after Rasco so well.”

Valerie in Dublin

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