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Jim From Ark Vetcare at the London Vet Show

The London Vet Show is one of the premier vet conferences and exhibitions in Europe. It is one of the biggest gatherings of vets in Europe and a must visit to keep up all the latest developments in the world of animal healthcare.

Each year a variety of excellent lectures take place and with ten distinct streams this year there was a wide range of speakers lecturing on all aspects of veterinary medicine and surgery.

London Vet Show talks

Ark Vetcare always like to get a long and this year of our vets Jim Walsh from our Foxrock Veterinary Hospital attended the show. It is a great insight into where the profession is developing and what technological advances are coming on stream. The lecture content is excellent with all species covered but 60% of material is aimed at dog and cat vets.

Latest Veterinary Equipment

There is a large trade show associated with the conference and it provided us with a chance to assess new items of equipment we can add to our facilities to enhance the service that we can offer  our patients.

The influence of technology on Veterinary medicine is very obvious and the pace of change is amazing. CT and MRI scanners are becoming more and more common. Stem cell and regenerative type therapies are also becoming more mainstream. Ark Vetcare is delighted to be at the cutting edge of this area of change offering in clinic revolutionary PRP therapy for Arthritis.

Learn more about PRP therapy for Arthritis.

Jim had a chance to meet with Idexx laboratories. Idexx is the largest supplier of diagnostic equipment and services to the Veterinary Sector globally. Idexx supply equipment to Vets that allow us to test blood and urine in our own labs. This allows for rapid results with samples processed in our own hospitals and quick results reporting allows us to achieve gold standards in pet care. As a result we will be purchasing a range of new laboratory equipment in the next month.

london vet show arena

Jim also had meetings with suppliers of Laser equipment to the Veterinary profession. The use of Laser to stimulate healing and decrease inflammation is now more and more widespread in the UK and US and there are some excellent patient results. It has been used with success in Arthritic patients, patients with large skin wounds and patients recovering from surgery with success. Studies suggest laser therapy can speed up wound healing by 40%, imagine lampshade collars coming off earlier, now that is a real patient and owner benefit alike.

Arkvet hopes to be able to offer therapeutic laser therapy early in 2019.

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