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Teddy Makes Remarkable Recovery With Revolutionary Arthritis Treatment

Teddy is a gorgeous 6 year old Wheaten Terrier and he’s pretty lively he loves long walks and hikes with his owner. Poor Teddy started to experience lameness in his left fore leg in early 2017 and x-rays confirmed moderate arthritic change. Initially Teddy responded well to traditional anti inflammatory therapy but over time their effect became diminished and Teddy’s lameness became more pronounced.

He lost he desire to go for walks. Different types of anti inflammatory medication were tried including cortisone injections but to no avail. It was decided that Teddy was a good candidate for PRP therapy and underwent the treatment in early October 2018. The procedure is a morning procedure and involves a light anaesthetic. Please see our services section to learn more about the procedure.

Teddy was reviewed after 4 weeks and the response was remarkable and we are all extremely pleased with his progress. Check out these two short video……


“Teddy is our 6 1/2 year old much loved Wheaten Terrier. Soon after his fifth birthday, he developed a limp, and on further investigations and a series of x-rays, it was discovered that he had developed arthritis of his left shoulder. He was prescribed pain killers and anti-inflammatories, but they didnt seem to offer much relief, and he gradually got worse, yelping with pain on occasion while out for a walk. Paul in Ark Vetcare administered several cortizone injections, but these didnt seem to have much effect on his lameness either. We’re keen walkers, and used to take Teddy out three times a day for short to medium sized walks, with longer hill walks at weekends, but it got to the stage where we had to leave Teddy at home. He had lost all interest in walking.

Four weeks ago, Teddy was treated with platelet enhancement therapy. The difference it has made is remarkable. The improvement became noticeable about ten days after treatment, and he seems to be getting better and better each day. He’s also in much better form. He still has a slight limp, but its barely noticeable, and may disappear altogether as the weeks go by. We are absolutely delighted with the treatment, and its great to have our old Teddy back.”

Sheila, Killiney

Arkvet is thrilled to now offer PRP – “platelet rich plasma” as a regenerative therapy for Arthritis ,post orthopedic surgery and for soft tissue injuries. PRP therapy can be considered akin to stem cell therapy where we inject a high concentration of the patients own healing factors into the area of injury or arthritic joints. This stimulates healing and regeneration thus allowing the patient to experience a marked reduction in the pain and inflammation associated with Arthritis. It can also reduce the patients dependency on anti inflamatory type medication.

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