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Choosing a New Puppy; Avoiding Puppy Farms & Unethical Breeders

Milo’s story, although a rocky start, has a happy ending. Unfortunately, not all puppies are as lucky as Milo.

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Milo’s family rang our Kilmacud vet clinic the day after he arrived as a new puppy in the home. They spoke with our veterinary nurse Niamh Cantwell who told them they would be welcome to come to Arkvetcare’s free “New Puppy Check Up” with one of the vets and could also meet with the nurses who run the puppy parties and socialisation classes.

The family arrived that evening and saw our vet Sarah Kelleher who examined Milo from head to tail. Sarah was concerned he was beginning to show signs of being quite sick, so it was decided he would be admitted for some tests. The tests revealed Milo was battling the early stages of parvo virus. Luckily with aggressive treatment Milo pulled through the illness.

How to Spot a Puppy Farm Puppy

How had Milo Contracted Parvo Virus?

Milo’s family were devastated and wanted to figure out how Milo had come to be in this situation. He met his new family when he was 8 and a half weeks old. They had seen an advertisement for him online and had contacted the seller.

Milo’s family were told that he had been part of a litter of 5 puppies all of whom had been already adopted and that he was the last one in the litter. They were told this was Milo’s mom’s second litter and that they may have one more from her but that would be the last one. They were told he had had his first vaccinations at the local vet and had received flea and worming treatments.

When Milo’s new family went to collect him, they were shown into the kitchen of the sellers’ house where they found Milo in a basket surrounded by comfy blankets. They were told the seller’s children had taken Milo’s mom for a walk so unfortunately they would not be able to see her. It transpired that Milo’s seller had been running a puppy farm. Milo had only been brought indoors moments before his new family arrived, prior to that he was in a cramped cage with his siblings and mother, who had spent her entire life in the cage.

It appeared that poor Milo hadn’t received vaccinations and the poor conditions he was living in caused his infections.

The Road to Recovery

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After Milo had recovered from his illness he was able to attend the puppy parties in Arkvetcare Kilmacud run by veterinary nurse Sarah O’ Malley. Due to the rough beginning to life, Milo had a number of anxiety issues which had to be addressed.

He was extremely wary of people, even children and showed signs of noise sensitivity. Over time and through some hard work by both the vet nurse team and Milo’s family he was able to overcome his anxiety issues around people and our behaviourist Tara Bell was able to visit Milo and his family at their home and introduce some training exercises to help Milo settle into his new home. Tara was also able to bring Milo and his family on training sessions in the local park in Mount Merrion where he was taught how to walk appropriately on the lead and proper social interactions with other dogs he met.

Finding a New Puppy Online

Nowadays one of the most popular ways of finding the new family pet is online, through breeders and sellers who advertise on various online sites and forums. Unfortunately, there can be a lot of deception from people claiming to be reputable breeders.

Milo’s story, regrettably an all too familiar one, highlights the issues which can arise from a puppy who began his life at a puppy farm. We would suggest that in order to avoid the same situation be cautious if you are planning on buying a puppy from an unknown seller. Always ask to see the mother of your puppy and littermates. If you have been told the puppy has been vaccinated or has seen a vet ask for proof of the visit and paperwork which a vet will always supply if asked for.

Once you have picked up your new family member we advise you to make an appointment at one of our clinics as soon as possible for our free puppy consultation at which our team can give the puppy a check up and answer any questions you may have about your new addition.

If you need any advice in advance of getting your new puppy please don’t hesitate to contact us for a quick chat.

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