Important – Fleas and Your Pet – Seasonal Vet Update

It’s been a warm and beautiful summer but with the hot weather comes increased levels of fleas and you need to keep an eye on your furry friend to make sure they don’t bring any unwanted passengers into your house.

Over the last 10 days our vet clinics have seen a huge spike in the number of pets with fleas. This is hardly surprising given the very warm June and July and warm start to August.

Flea numbers tend to be at their highest in the late summer and early autumn and a warm early summer will increase the numbers. We are entering peak flea season so make sure your pet is protected.

The Flea Life Cycle

If your pet has unfortunately caught fleas, they can quickly spread to other pets and around your home. When our vets find fleas on a pet they represent only a small percentage of fleas that pet is “supporting”. The vast majority of fleas will be present in that fleas environment. In other words, if your pet gets fleas you can be sure your house will also have fleas.

Having an understanding of the flea life cycle is important for a pet owner.

flea life cycle

There are four stages in the life cycle of a flea:

  1. Egg
  2. Larva
  3. Pupa
  4. Adult

Each stage is as nasty as the next, and the complete life cycle can take anything from a few weeks to several months depending on conditions.

Once the eggs are laid it takes on average 2-3 days for them to hatch. A single adult female can lay around 40 eggs each day which demonstrates how quickly they can multiply in the home. The eggs fall off your cat or dog and become scattered around your home, on your seats, carpet, cracks in the floor and bedding.

Once fleas have matured into adulthood they will begin feeding off their host immediately. Once they begin feeding they will breed and lay more eggs. They can survive anywhere from 2 or 3 weeks up to several months.

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How can I Protect my Pet Against Fleas?

When it comes to fleas protection is definitely better than the cure.

At Ark Vet we think it is really important to protect against fleas to prevent skin irritation for your pet but also to prevent fleas being introduced into your house and humans suffering nasty fleabites.

We highly recommend using Advocate Spot on for dogs and cats. It is easy applied to your pet once per month in only a few seconds. Once you are a client of Ark Vet and purchase your Advocate spot from one of our vet clinics we will send you a reminder each month so that you don’t forget to apply if to your pet.

Advocate also provides protection against lungworm, fox mites, ear mites and intestinal roundworm. There are also oral alternatives to Advocate should you find this easier.

Please contact your local brand now and get your pet protected.

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