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Warm Weather – Itchy Skin & Your Pet

Do you think the heatwave and recent warm weather might be affecting your pet? Have you noticed your cat or dog in discomfort and scratching more than usual?? All our vets have seen a big increase in skin conditions, as a result of the hot summer we’ve been experiencing.

If you think your pet is in discomfort, they may be suffering from a skin condition. Pets generally suffer from itchy skin for one of two reasons and we’re going to explain both conditions here – so you know what to watch out for and how to help your pet through this warm spell – in a comfortable and healthy manner.…..


The warmer weather creates perfect conditions for fleas and mites to thrive and their population increases significantly in the kind of temperatures we’re experiencing this summer. Our vets expect peak flea time to be September/October, at the end of this long, warm summer.

To help protect your cat or dog from parasites, you will need to use an appropriate treatment. Our team recommend “Advocate”. This is a spot on liquid that is easily applied to your pet’s neck once per month. The monthly application is a treatment for fleas and their larvae, roundworm, hookworm, heartworm and ear mites. It also treats lungworm, whipworm, biting lice, sarcoptesm and demodex.

We provide a monthly reminder for our clients who receive a friendly text message each month notifying them it is time to re-apply Advocate on their pet! We all know how easy it is to lose track of all the things you need to get done – so this handy reminder is a useful, free service for our customers – if you are a customer and purchase advocate from us you will get these reminders monthly. Please contact us to learn more.

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Allergic Skin Disease

In general, there is more pollen and environmental allergens around with the warm weather, you might have noticed these affecting yourself and your family and pets are no different. The symptoms of allergic skin disease differ between cats and dogs.

Up first with dogs…..

Allergic Skin Symptoms in Dogs

If you notice your dog with pink paws or itchy paws, itchy or infected ears, itchy red belly or bum there’s a good chance your dog has an allergy as these are the most common signs.

Allergic Skin Symptoms in Cats

If you think your cat is over grooming the lower back or belly area to the point where hair is damaged, or you are observing baldness – it is quite likely they have a skin allergy.

What can I do to help my pet’s allergies?

Treat Your Pets Allergic Skin Disease

The good news is that over the last five to seven years in veterinary there have been great advances made in the treatment of allergies. There are now a number of effective treatments that will give your pet relief from what is widely acknowledged as a significant negative on a pet’s quality of life – being itchy constantly is extremely uncomfortable for pets (and people!).

If you do notice any of the symptoms above please book an appointment at your local vet in Dublin now and let us help your pet make the most of the nice warm weather.

Of course, if you feel the issue is more serious, we have an emergency vet service so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are concerned.

One final note – pets need lots of water in this warm weather; make sure to make it easily accessible.

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