Dogs love a good stick! But be careful….

Sticks are great fun for dogs but be careful. The images below are from Coco a 6 year old collie. Coco was having great fun in the garden chewing a stick on Wednesday evening.Her owner noticed her off form yesterday and her saliva was thicker then usual. She presented at our Dun Laoghaire hospital this morning.

Examination under anaesthetic revealed a 2 cm piece of stick had lodged in the right wall of her larynx. The stick was removed and the larynx flushed and repaired. Without timely intervention and an observant owner a large abscess threatening Coco’s airway could have formed. Well done to Coco’s owner for being so observant.

If you have any kind of emergency and are worried please don’t hesitate. Pick up the phone and contact us immediately we have an emergency vet service available for you and your pet.

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