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Read Rainbow Dash’s Story – 2 Kittens Delivered by Emergency Caesarean Section

Last weekend Paul McCarthy’s cat, Rainbow Dash, was due her kittens. After 63 days of huge excitement for 2 great kids the big moment had finally arrived. Paul is a vet in our Dun Laoghaire branch and he spotted early on in labour things weren’t going to plan – Rainbow Dash was getting into some difficulty with the delivery. The decision was taken to rush Rainbow Dash to the veterinary hospital in Dun Laoghaire for an emergency caesarean section.

Keep on reading to find out about how the procedure went and meet two gorgeous and ridiculously cute little kittens……

We’re also going to keep the conversation going over the next little while and update you on their progress so check back in and see how the family are getting on……

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Day 1: C-Section for Rainbow Dash

On the morning Rainbow Dash went into labour she was a little quieter than usual and was going into her favourite little hiding spots more often than normal. Paul and the kids were keeping a close eye on her to give her any help she needed. After a bit of a check over it was clear that Rainbow Dash was in labour.

Rainbow Dash was very brave while delivering the first kitten but unfortunately it didn’t survive the birth. With Rainbow Dash becoming weaker Paul made the call to rush her into the practice in Dun Laoghaire for a c-section.

Paul has performed hundreds of operations on all sorts of animals, but this was the most nerve racking one to day.

It was really tough as Rainbow Dash is one of the family and with both my kids, a 6-year-old and 4-year-old, watching on – there was added pressure. Thankfully the operation was a huge success and Mum along with 2 kittens made it through. I had great help from two veterinary nurses; Chloe who was overseeing the anaesthetic and Bry who looked after resuscitation.”

In general, most cats have kittens without the need for assistance. However, if your cat is in labour and undergoes a period of more than 60 minutes of unproductive contractions or is experiencing very weak contractions – then you should bring her to a vet for help.

After the operation both kittens were very weak and it was touch and go so the team decided to place them into an incubator.

Day 3: Rainbow Dash at Home with her Kittens

Thanks for checking back in on Rainbow Dash. After several hours in the incubator we’re delighted to say that both kittens made it through and the good news is that Rainbow Dash is now back home with the rest of the family and her two new beautiful kittens.

new kittens vet in dublinHow are the kittens doing?? They are doing great now! Their eyes are still closed, and they have no hearing, which is normal, but they are both hungry little furballs! They pretty much spend all their time eating and sleeping, not a bad life eh??!!

Rainbow Dash is also doing much better now, and her energy is coming back. She’s a great mom and is grooming both kittens regularly. Her c-section wound is still slightly raw as the kittens are nursing from this area, so we need to constantly monitor this to make sure there’s no infection.

She has even been out to the garden to stretch her legs a couple of times.

We’re going to let Mom and the kittens get plenty of rest and we’ll update you all in about a week. The kittens eyes should be creeping open soon as they start to explore their new home…..

Check back soon as we update you on Rainbow Dash and her two new kittens!!!
cat c-section vet in dublin new kittens

Day 10: Crazy Kittens on the Loose!!

Welcome back!! We’re very pleased to announce that we have beautiful boy and a gorgeous girl. The grey kitten is the boy and the black kitten is the girl.

The kittens have been reaching their first big milestone over the week and are starting to open their eyes. They’re much more mobile too which gives us endless hours of fun watching them playing around. They’ve done quite a lot of eating and are already 2 ½ times their birth weight which is a great sign they are healthy.

At this point their diet is solely Rainbow Dash’s milk and this will remain their only source of food until 4 weeks of age.

We still haven’t decided on names, we need them to be as amazing as their mom’s so it’s going to take the kids a bit of thought!!!

Thanks for reading and keep following the story –  we’ll keep you updated with some new photos when we’ve picked out the names………

new kittens day 10

Day 25 In the Kitten House!

Well we’ve been getting lots of questions from our customers as to how the kittens and Rainbow Dash are getting on, so we thought we’d give you a little update.

The kittens have had their eyes open for about 2 weeks now and they have very good vision. After much discussion we still haven’t decided on the names but for now we’re going with Bear and Best Boy!!!

Rainbow Dash is doing great and getting back to her normal life but is still being a super Mum and very watchful of her two gorgeous kittens. She’s making sure to get a bit of alone time too and heading out into the garden to enjoy some of the lovely summer sun.

At 4 ½ weeks the kittens are starting to show an interest in Rainbow Dash’s food, but their primary source of nutrition is still Mum’s milk.

new kitten cat c section vet in dublin

Bear and Best Boy are great fun and love playing and exploring their new world and the whole family is getting a great kick out of watching the little fur balls run around the place! Their co-ordination is starting to develop nicely, and they’re becoming much more agile.

The next big milestone for the kitten will be in about 3 weeks’ time where they’ll head back to the vets to have their first vaccination. This will help them stay strong and health as they head towards adulthood.

Thanks for stopping by we’ll try our best to keep you updated with some new pics

Until then here’s one of the new kittens doing a bit of exploring……


new kitten vaccines

Week 9 – The Kittens Get Vaccinated….

Rainbow Dash’s kittens are now 9 weeks old and attended our hospital today for their first vaccinations and microchiping, flea and worming.

The grey kitten is male, he now weighs 1.5 kg and has been given the name “Best Boy”.

The black cat is female, she now weighs 1.3kg and has been given the name “Bear”.

They’re now completely on solid food and no longer suckle. They were microchipped so that if they go missing and are injured and brought to a vets they can be identified.

The vaccines they were given were to protect them against cat flu and feline panleucopaenia.

Learn more on kitten vaccines and why they are so important for your pet.

The worming treatment Paul used was drontal tablets and the flea prevention was Advocate spot on.

The kittens are now out and about in the garden and up to all kinds of messing. There has even been a rescue from a tree!!!









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