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Puppy Love – Free Puppy Check at Ark Vet for All New Puppies!!

If you’ve just added a gorgeous new puppy to the family it is very important that you get the health of the puppy independently checked by your vet. The vet can review the puppy vaccine record card to see what’s been done and what vaccinations might be required. The vet can also assess the puppy’s general health and well-being and he/she can see if there’s any genetic abnormalities that may shorten your time with your new family member and that you should be aware of.

You are welcome to call in and get to know your team of vets here at Ark Vetcare by registering for our free consolation – it’s a chance to start your time with your precious new puppy with complete peace of mind.

If you’re still reading, then you are probably interested in the steps we take with you and your new puppy when we do a free Puppy Check – here’s the low-down……..

Full Clinical Examination for Your New Puppy

As part of the free puppy check at our vet clinic, your new furry friend will get a complete clinical examination.

We mentioned earlier about puppy vaccines…. our team will examine the vaccines currently applied and then talk you through a vaccination plan. We’ll give you advice on the next steps and why it is important to get vaccinations for your puppy.

We will also screen for any parasites and common diseases, as well as providing you with a nutritional consultation. We’ll map out a plan to keep your new puppy healthy and full of fun.

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New Puppy Nutrition

Nutritional consultation is a very important aspect of your puppy check-up. Your vet will check that the puppy is an appropriate weight for it’s breed, age and gender and then give you the correct

advice to make sure your puppy grows into a strong, fit and healthy adult dog.

Puppies grow very quickly, and they typically reach their full size within 12 months so if they are mal-nourished it can affect their growth and cause health issues down the line – these issues are avoidable with proper care.

The first year is a crucial time in the life your little puppy!

Learn More About Getting a New Puppy.

free puppy check puppy love new puppy

Microchipping Your Puppy

As of the 1st April 2016, all dogs in Ireland must be microchipped by law and registered to their owners. The rules have been put in place to help re-unite you with your best pal if they happen to go missing. Each chip has a unique number that can identify you as the owner by rescue centres and vets, so that you can be reunited quickly with your dog.

It’s a very easy procedure and something we will talk you through during the check-up. Fines of up to €5,000 may be issued if your dog doesn’t have a microchip and nobody wants that!

What happens next…..the next step is to set up a 1 Year Plan for your new puppy and to come to a puppy party, meet new owners and let your puppy socialise and make new friends!

The one-year plan will cover:

Puppy Party

Getting your puppy socialised early on is key so that they are able to play and interact with other dogs and people in a friendly manner. After your free puppy check we’d love to see you at one of our puppy parties!

Our Puppy Parties have become so famous they’ve even been featured in the Irish Times!!!

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