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Kitten Love! Caring for Your New Kitten

Spring is here, and as you may or may not have noticed – the local neighbourhood cats get a little frisky this time of year! That can mean only one thing…. it’s mating season for cats and we expect to see lots of new furry friends in our vets in Dublin over the next couple of months.

Pregnancy in cats lasts around 63 days so from late April to mid-May is the time you can expect to add a new member to your family if you’re on the lookout for a little kitten.

In preparation, here’s a few things you can do to make your house kitten friendly….

Food and Water Bowls

Your new kitten is going to be overflowing with energy and will love to explore their new surroundings. Make sure you have a food and water bowl, so they can keep their energy levels up. It’s very important to keep the water topped up at all times.

Getting a kitten on a healthy balanced diet from a young age is very worthwhile so discuss the best approach with your vet. Our team of vets are experts in nutrition and we provide a range of excellent kitten food in all our Dublin vet branches.

A Comfy Kitten Bed

Kitten naps will be high on the agenda so find a comfy kitten bed that keeps your new pet safe and warm. However, don’t be too upset if he or she chooses to ignore the bed in exchange for any number of unusual spots!!!

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Litter Box

Until it’s safe to head out of the house to explore – it’s wise to have a litter box available!

On top of getting your house set-up – you should also be thinking of bringing your new kitten to see your local vet. Have a chat with your vet and make sure you’ve arranged all the correct vaccinations for your kitten – before they go out on the town!

Free Kitten Checks at Ark Vet

Kittens should stay close to Mum for the first 6-8 weeks, so she can shower them with love – but around week 9 you’ll need to start planning your first trip to see your vet.

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We provide free kitten checks in all of our vets practices. We’re kitten crazy and would love to see you and your new cat in the coming months. It’s important to have a new kitten independently checked just in case anything might be wrong. Here’s some of the things we do……

Our team carry out a full comprehensive clinical examination and screen for any genetic diseases that your kitten might have, we check for parasites and we map out the appropriate vaccine requirements with you – so your kitten can safely take to the great outdoors. Antiparasitic care is very important as cats can go anywhere when you aren’t keeping a watchful eye – under bushes or playing with local hedgehogs and you won’t want them bringing any passengers back into the house.

It’s advisable to have your kitten microchipped so they don’t go missing and we’ll discuss the procedure with you during the free kitten check-up.

Another important area that we discuss with all new kitten owners is whether they’re planning neutering. Having a neutering plan in place is a good idea. Male cats can start spraying indoors early on and females can become pregnant from 6 months. Generally speaking cats are neutered around 5 ½ months to 6 months so it’s something to consider.

Of course, we are able to take any questions you might have about your new furry friend and give you advice as you need it.

Feel free contact us online or call any of our vets in Dublin to arrange an appointment for you and your new kitten.

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