Your 2018 pet resolutions – simple tips and pet-care tricks

Hands up who’s shirked their New Year’s Resolutions already!

As we enter February, your plans to learn French or go to the gym every day have probably already been foiled by a sudden lack of motivation and the lure of the latest Netflix box set.

You had the best of intentions but we all know that resolutions exist to be given up – unless they’re simple, practical and manageable.  

That’s why we’ve come up with a few easy tips on caring for your pet in 2018. Stick with them and your best friend will be healthier all year round.

Bring them to us regularly

Whether you own a dachshund or a Shetland pony, regular pet health checks for your pet are vital to ensure they’re fighting fit.

How regularly you’ll need to visit us depends on the type of pet you own, and whether or not they have special health requirements, although six-monthly checks are standard for most animals.

If your pet’s looking peaky before then, get in touch with us straightaway for an appointment.

Check their teeth

You brush your teeth twice daily – why should you treat your pet’s pearly whites differently?

Looking after your pet’s oral health can help combat numerous health difficulties during their life, and will ensure their diet doesn’t suffer from loss of appetite.

While your diet for 2018 might have fallen by the wayside already, feeding your pet sugar-free treats will improve their oral health dramatically, as will dental sticks and regular brushing.

Keep vaccinations up to date

Forgetting regular vaccinations for your pet is easy, and finding the time in your busy schedule to pay us a visit can be incredibly difficult.

But without up-to-date vaccinations, you’re leaving your pet vulnerable to numerous, easily preventable illnesses.

So mark a date on your calendar for your pet’s next series of vaccinations – and don’t forget!

Get grooming

Effective grooming isn’t just a matter of aesthetics. If your dog’s nails are too long, for instance, they could find it difficult to walk.

We can offer you nail clipping and grooming services for your pet, so get in touch to book an appointment.

The start of every year is a chance to improve your habits – so why not follow these tips and make sure your pet’s health improves along with you?

To book an appointment with us, simply call 01 2805892.

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