Make sure this Christmas is a cracker for your pets

dog-christmas-xmasHere are some quick tips to keep them safe this festive season:

1. Don’t give them chocolate and keep your choccy advent calendars out of their reach.

Chocolate contains theobromine and is dangerous for dogs and other animals.

2. Keep Christmas plants away from cats and dogs.

Poinsettias, holly and mistletoe look lovely, but are poisonous to cats and dogs.

3. Make your Christmas pet gift a new toy or bowl.

These are better presents than rich food that may make them ill.

4. Buy cable guards for Christmas tree lights cables.

Cats, dogs and rabbits regard cables as a dangerous delicacy.

5. Keep to the same pet routine whenever possible.

Some upheaval is unavoidable, but following the same mealtimes, walks and sleeping times makes them less irritable.

6. Let pets meet your guests when they feel most sociable.

If you impose a meeting as soon as human guests arrive it can make pets feel stressed.

7. Create a Christmas safe space.

Reserve a small room or part of a quieter room as a safe space for pets — fill it with comforting beds and toys.

8. Bring your dog’s favourite bed or toy if you’re spending Christmas away from home.

Having an item that feels and smells like home will help your dog settle down in a friend or family member’s home.

9. Keep small animals away from TVs and speakers.

You might want to crank the volume up a few notches during a party, but small animals are sensitive to high frequency noise.

10. Make sure outdoor pets have fresh water and extra bedding.

Rabbits and other outdoor pets need to be kept cost and hydrated when it’s cold.

Christmas Opening Hours

Yes we really are the Vets that only close Christmas day. All 3 of our Hospitals are open on the 23rd and 24th of December until midday. Our Dun Laoghaire hospital is open 9-4 on Stephens Day and then all our hospitals are back open from 27th-30th. Dun Laoghaire is open all day on New Years Eve and New Years Day. We hope you do not have any emergencies over Christmas but if you do you can rest assured we will be there for you.

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