old dogs

Golden Oldies Party

We were all delighted to welcome lots of Golden Oldies to their party in our Foxrock Clinic. There were many “teenagers” all looking good for their years, all credit to their loving “parents”. Two of our oldest sweetest clients were “Jackie” Kiernan who is 20 and “Tilly” Hughes also aged 20 are pictured below with Anna the vet and the scrumptious cake. It was a fun day for all and a great celebration of lives well lived.

The Blue Cross were our partner in charity, they were delighted with the attendance and the support.

Paul led the tour of all our facilities. All of the “Dog Parents” were fascinated to see in inner workings of a veterinary hospital. The tour allowed access to the surgical suite ,x-ray facilities ,on-site lab and treatment room. The feedback was very positive and people found the tour interesting. It allowed clients to be re assured that behind the consulting room door best practice veterinary medicine is being performed